Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gambia, Monday March 17

Sainey ____ picked us up in a van at about 2 or 3 in the afternoon and took us down to _____ to meet part of his family. We stayed for about 30 minutes and met everyone, and had some cold orange juice. Originally I thought that was all we were doing, but afterwards we continued on to his home village of Darislami, which is right on the southern border with Senegal, to meet the rest of his family.

When we arrived at the family compound the kids were doing some great drumming on empty fuel containers while one boy, dressed as the devil, danced around. This is part of the ritual for the Moslem holiday _____. No, they weren't doing it to impress us, this is just what they happened to be doing when we arrived.

A highlight was when Evan got up and danced with them!

Another highlight was the delicious meal they served us -- roasted chicken, eggplant and cabbage served on seasoned rice. Yummy.

Later they showed us around part of the village, including the community well (installed by Catholic Relief Services) and the health center. Built by a German agency, it includes a solar power system.

After a while we had to go. Back into the van for a slow trip up the rutted dirt road until we finally hit the pavement near _____.

Back at the hotel around 7pm we decided it was cocktail hour and broke out the gin and tonic. Ice, however, required two separate calls to room service, and we had lost half our drinkers by that time. Evan, Charlie and I tried to fill the gap.

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