Monday, May 12, 2008

Quotes from Woman on the Edge of Time

"But you say you respect difference."
"Different strengths we respect. Not weakness. What is the use in not actively engaging life? It passes anyhow."
p. 175

Jackrabbit speaks to Connie before leaving on military service:
"Risk, danger . . . we don't find them evil," Jackrabbit said slowly. "... I don't want to be ignorant. The creature inside a shell is a soft slug, like a worm. Who should protect me? ... Who'll stand between me and death, me and sickness, me and drowning? I must serve the talent that uses me, the energy that flows through me, but I mustn't make others serve me. Don't you see the difference?"
p. 262

Luciente speaks of her "sweet friend" Jackrabbit:
"[Jackrabbit] made me able to be . . . careless. Silly.
... Gradually I felt that loosening gave me energy. Jackrabbit was water, I could float. Jackrabbit was wine, making me tipsy and glad of the moment. We were always laughing. We never stopped flirting. [Jackrabbit] was full of grace. [Jackrabbit] made me want to know things that on my own I would never have grazed."

My personal favorite quote:
We can only know what we can truly imagine. Finally what we see comes from ourselves.

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