Monday, August 17, 2009

New Photos: Shoreline, San Jose Jazz Festival

Almost a year since I last posted here. Time to change that, starting with links to my latest photos.

Yes, more pictures have been posted to my Picasa page! These are all taken using my new Canon T1i (a.k.a. 500D), which is just a newer version of my old camera. There are two versions, using the "sRGB" and "Adobe RGB" color gamuts. View whichever set looks better on your monitor. Links to the individual albums are below, along with some samples.

Shoreline Park

Shoreline (Office) ParkA week ago Friday after work I visited Shoreline Park. Most of these are HDR "High Dynamic Range" images, created by combining three separate shots taken at different exposures.
Shoreline Park (HDR)

2009 San Jose Jazz Festival

KatieThen I met Katie and Josh (my oldest daughter and her husband) in downtown San Jose for the first night of the Jazz Festival. There are some cute pictures of both of 'em -- the colors are weird because it was taken at night by the light of the mercury vapor lamps outdoors at the Fairmont Grill.

Bills Hot Dogs

EvelynThen on Sunday I went back to the Jazz Festival, this time with Evelyn:

Lee Waterman and Jazz Caliente

Bettye LaVette Salsa Dancing

All photos copyright 2009 Chip Chapin

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