Thursday, February 25, 2010

Introducing Time-Light-Distance: My New Photo Blog

I've been keeping Chip's blog for a few years now and have been finding it increasingly enjoyable.  But while it does reflect my diverse interests, the lack of any coherent theme must make it difficult to follow for anyone interested in a specific topic.

So lately, as I've been posting more about photography, I have been thinking about creating a separate, specialized blog as the new home for all my photo-related posts.  I was still thinking about it when, a couple of weeks ago, Trey Ratcliff ( challenged his readers to consider trying out SmugMug.  Well, I'd been thinking about that too.

So I decided to do both at the same time.

The result is my new blog and photo/video sharing site Time - Light - Distance.  As much as possible I am trying to integrate SmugMug with Blogger to offer a better photo and video sharing experience, as well as providing a soapbox where I can discuss my work.

This isn't the end of Chip's Blog, but all my new photography and video posts will be going to TLD.  Over time I also plan to migrate the older posts as well. For anyone who finds the things I'm doing in these areas helpful or interesting, I hope TLD will be easier to follow.  For myself, I hope that the sharper focus will make a difference in the quality and quantity of my work.

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